Get Yer Goggles

22 02 2012

I suppose it was only a matter of time. Minority Report and Terminator are becoming reality. Believe it or not, by the end of this year we could all be wearing Google Glasses.

That is, as long as you’re willing to pony up the price of a smartphone for these shades. And…um…are willing to risk looking like an uber-nerd.

The specs run on Android (are you surprised?), and are perhaps the first big splash of augmented reality products to come our way. Sure, we have AR apps in our phones, but now they are branching out into wearables. I also hear rumors of interactive AR household mirrors and other gadgets throughout the house…all running on Android.

Bold Google Glasses owners will be able to simply point their nose at anything, and get instant feedback on it. It’s a lot like the latest Google app I wrote about recently (think camera and microphone), but now we won’t have to be bothered with all that aiming and tapping.

So here is how it works: Only one eye will see the heads-up display (HUD), so that you don’t walk into traffic, buildings or other people. And scrolling and clicking are accomplished by tilting your head up or down, and then a brief head snap to click.

You read that right. How weird is that? Kinda makes you want to be someone other than an early adopter, right? Just don’t try to do this while carrying on a conversation with someone. Your nod of agreement could send your visual display into a tailspin.

While I am being rather quick to naysay Google Glasses, I should in all honesty point out that I naysayed the iPhone back in 2007. Who among us, I reasoned, would want to replace their quality digital camera, 64GB iPod and cell phone for one handy device?

Um, me, as it turned out. Excuse me while I remove some egg from my face.

But confessions aside, I guess I am just not yet ready to be wearing a visual display unit. Heck, I’ll need prescription lenses to begin with ($). And I definitely don’t want to be seen wearing these around the office. People think I’m weird already. I don’t need any help.

I know. In a couple of years we’ll be sporting these dandy shades, tilting and snapping in our own little worlds of information procurement. For now, though, I’m ready to terminate this discussion.

Dr “Minority Reporter” Gerlich



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