Apple Of My Eye

10 02 2012

It’s a classic case of the Haves vs. the Have Nots. In the tech field, you can never safely turn your back on the competition, and if you are one of the lucky Haves, it pays to keep putting wood on the fire.

Because the alternative is a cold, chilly night in the digital wasteland. Just ask Kodak.

Which is why everyone loves Apple. Yesterday, news began leaking about the imminent release of iPad3 in March. Stock prices surged $16, pushing a share ever closer to the $500 elite league.

If you recall, Apple shares dipped to $75 four years ago when Steve Jobs announced what would be his final bout with cancer. The market reacted swiftly. Don’t you wish you had bought some?

As for iPad, two years have yet to pass since the release of the first model (that would be 3rd April 2010, for those of you compiling Trivial Pursuit fodder). iPad2 made huge improvements (including a camera), and now the third-gen promises twice the screen resolution and a faster processor.

Which raises the question: Why is Apple forging ahead so quickly, rendering its recent products obsolete?

Simple. Because if it doesn’t, someone else will. And that someone else is Amazon with its too-hot-to-handle Kindle Fire.

While Fire and iPad are admittedly aimed at different demographics and price points, it is still a tech land grab out there, and Apple feels the need to keep winning. Kind of like a Steinbrenner era Yankees team, unless the men in blue win at least 100 games a season, it has not been a good year.

iPads are currently flying off shelves at the rate of over 4 million a month (and accounts for about 75% of the tablet market), but that could change if Amazon ratchets up its product array with a second-gen Fire that rivals iPad. It’s not as if Apple is scared; no, they just have the good sense to protect an early lead. You can never hit enough home runs.

As for me, I will no doubt be in line to buy one. It’s not that my original iPad (delivered to my door by overnight courier on street date, of course) is failing me. No, it’s kind of like why I have more than one of anything important to me, like cameras, computers and bikes. They merely take on specific tasks.

I see my (notice I have already bought it in my mind) iPad3 being my mobile digital media shooting and editing bay. The first one will be my bookshelf and eReader. And I also see the steady transition of our society becoming less encumbered by (and married to) laptop and desktop computers.

The Apple ecosystem is alive and well, and that the market continues to react so favorably to every hint and rumor further attests to the legacy of the man who saw it all coming, who boldly told us what we needed before we ever knew we did.

May all who want to play hard ball channel their inner Steve Jobs. There’s no future in being a Have Not.

Dr “Out Of The Park” Gerlich




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