Klip Joint

6 12 2011

A little over 30 years ago, The Buggles secured their place in pop culture trivia by having their song, “Video Killed The Radio Star,” played as the very first song on MTV. It’s funny how we remember such stuff. But those kind of honors only go to the first. No one really cares after that. For example, who among you remembers what the second song was?

Told you so.

Just like video killed radio (well, not completely, but it did put a big dent in it), video is now poised to put a similar kibosh on still pictures. Yes, we’ve had YouTube for over 5 years, and Facebook does let us upload raw footage from our phones. But there has been a missing link until late that allowed for easier social video sharing triangulating between Facebook, YouTube, and whoever might be prescient enough to see this need.

Enter Klip, Vibop, et al, and welcome to the Next Big Thing.

Venture capitalists are apparently tripping over themselves to get rich on what promises to make a big splash on the social graph. After all, 50% of us now own smartphones…phones that are, unless you still iPhone1, capable of shooting and sending video. Klip, for example, is its own social media site, but has easy links to FB and YT. This creates a valuable triangle of visibility, for both you and Klip.

More importantly, though, it ushers in the next era of social media. It may be one thing to post lots of pics (we are shooting more stills than ever thought imaginable). But now we will be shooting and posting more video. With sites like Vibop, Klip and the rest, the viral potential of these clips is enormous. Cross-posting will be a snap.

Which may mean this is a perilous time to be going into broadcast journalism. Because each and every one of us smartphone-toting people is reporter, cameraperson and producer wrapped in one.

Oh, and we work for nothing.

In the long run, I suspect that only one or two of these services will survive. One will probably be bought out by Facebook (just like FB recently purchased location-based competitor Gowalla).

The fact of the matter is, it just keeps getting easier and easier for private citizens to be creators and distributors of original content. Most YouTube content is shot in the field or a studio, but then polished on a computer prior to posting. And Facebook’s video option is nothing to rave over. But with third-party specialization comes great improvement.

I just wish I had a passenger with me yesterday who could have handled shooting some footage during the middle of the snow storm. Who needs the evening news when you can shoot it yourself?

Oh, and in case you’re still wondering about that second song. It was by Pat Benatar. Ironically, she scored many more hits than did The Buggles, both before and after MTV’s debut. I guess you could say that seniority killed the one hit wonder.

Dr “You Better Run” Gerlich



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