Shake It

27 06 2011

Sometimes I just don’t understand our culture. We worry about things that…well, other less-prosperous people would never give a second thought. Like our rear ends.

But in all things marketing, it’s about satisfying needs and wants. And if customers want a shapely derriere, then who am I argue?

Which explains why the two women behind Booty Pop (insert cymbal crash here) have a bottom line (insert second cymbal crash here) the envy of all. It’s the padded bra of underwear, and it’s giving women a fighting chance in the end zone (oh, never mind).

More amazing still is that Booty Pop, now available in numerous retailers, was launched via infomercial. Of course, the guy in me cannot imagine how any woman could sit through 30 minutes of hearing that her hind quarters look miserable. But wait! This pair of underwear will fix everything.

Crazier still is the fact these women contend they have been hounded by men to introduce Mr. Booty Pop. Now I will be honest. I have never tried on a pair of pants and wondered if they made my butt look big. Or tight. Or whatever. Pants are pants. If they fit and I like the color, then I buy them. Yes, them Three pairs. Because I hate shopping. I don’t give a rat’s booty if they help mine.

Our culture, though, has created ideal points for the genders, and women are indeed more preoccupied about such matters (apparently along with a few men). The amateur athlete in me wonders, though, why use something like Booty Pop (or its girdle equivalent, Spanx) to do what exercise can do for free? What does it say of a culture that apparently has plenty of everything else to worry about something so frivolous?

But what do I know? I am just a husband and Dad of two girls. Heck, I’d be satisfied having someone to throw a ball to.

Of course, the Booty Pop ladies would love it if men would clamor for these undies, because it’s the same line of thinking that compelled the Spanx lady to design a line for men also. Double your market and laugh all the way to the bank. Yes men, we, too, can have our own foundation garments. Now that’s something to talk about next time at the sports bar.

I can just see a Hanes Underwear commercial parody coming. The shapely stud walks by the women on the park bench. One turns to the other, “Boxers? Briefs? Or Booty Pop?”

Turning his head, the stud says with a smile, “The truth is out there. You’ll find it in the end.”

Factor that.

Dr “Asset Management” Gerlich



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