Weddar Or Not

3 05 2011

There is probably no more popular a topic to discuss than the weather. Most of us have learned to keep our political and religious feelings inside (especially in social events the members of which we may not really know that well). But if there is one thing we can all invoke with absolute freedom is our love or loathing of the current weather. And more times than not, it turns into one big bitchfest.

Like this year. Holy cow, has this one been a crazy spring. Depending on where you live, insert the appropriate word(s): windy, cold, hot, windy, stormy,wet, dry or windy.

Can you tell I live in the Texas Panhandle? Dang, has it been windy this spring. Even the cats are complaining.

Which is why the new Weddar app is so much fun. It is the first interactive weather app, welcoming participation from the folks who have to experience the stuff, not the meteorologists who try to predict it. Users can post one of 9 “Weddar clouds,” ranging from “Freezing” to “Hotter Than Hell.” Users can also post comments, and soon will be able to add pics illustrating the weather.

I would like to propose a new icon for “Howling Like A Banshee.” We could just park that baby over Amarillo and leave it.

Politics, weather and world events come and go around the discussion table of our lives, but weather is omnipresent. Unless you live in Biosphere II, your day is influenced by it. You probably organized your outfit based on it. Your activities today will be affected by it.

So why not complain about it? Sure, we could also sing its praises, but what fun is that?

Weather is often used as a selling point for communities. I remember when I interviewed for this job back in 1988. The tagline I got from everyone was “warm days, cool nights,” following by less frequent references to “abundant sunshine” and “amazing sunsets.” Of course, they were only being partially truthful. “Blows like a sonofagun” was never once uttered. Of course, had I interviewed in April and not October, I may never have made it here in the first place.

Fort Myers Beach FL loves to brag on its weather, as evidenced by this shirt I saw there (I refrain from printing the barnyard epithet used with reckless abandon). Of course, they’re in the partial truth business, too, because they conveniently forget to tell us that the temperature and humidity spend 5 months a year in the 90s.

Still, the weather provides us all with something to talk about, because it hits every one of us squarely where we live or happen to be. The Weddar app (which is still self-funded and seeking a revenue model) is the perfect place to vent (or occasionally tip the hat). Because we would all like to hang the weatherman/woman out to dry.

And maybe just blow away.

Dr “Sunny With A High Of 75” Gerlich



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