Leaving The Curtains Open

23 04 2011

Confession really is supposed to be good for the soul. Transparency is an attribute, at least as it stands between a person and their god. Maybe a clerical intermediary is present. Maybe a friend. And maybe even the media (for those big-time confessions).

But imagine a situation in which anyone and everyone could see…in real time no less…everything you are doing, while it is happening. While you might be sinning, even.

Welcome to VoyURL, the site whose tagline reads “it’s OK to look.”

Never mind that Google mines and uses our online information every time we login or surf the web. Never mind that countless other sites plant tracking cookies on our computers, and then sell our web viewing histories to hungry advertisers. No, VoyURL makes it simple because, by joining up, you are essentially saying to the world, “Here, take a look. This is what I am doing right now. Come in close and look over my shoulder.”

Can everyone say “Creee-peee?”

I am not exactly sure of the entertainment value, other than it must be a huge thrill for members to both be able to see what other people are doing, as well as know that others may be doing the same to you. In a strange sort of technologically titillating way, it must be fun for some to let others peek into your private site viewing ways. And see theirs.


Stranger still is that VoyURL is seeking donations over at Kickstarter.com, the online offering plate for wannabes without angel funding. Get your credit cards ready.

Sure, VoyURL says you can turn the service off and on as you see fit (to block prying eyes), but who is going to remember to do that? Furthermore, it invites way too much hacking, fraud and basic thievery when you consider that people are checking mail, doing online banking and making purchases online.

No thanks, VoyURL. My personal life is just that. I am the kind of guy who preaches that we should be deleting our browsing histories and clearing our caches. The very notion of broadcasting every move I make is just a little unsettling. Make Google, et al work for this information. And you’re going to have to do more than snoop around outside my window to see inside my house.

Dr “My Clickstream Is Mine” Gerlich



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