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1 03 2011

There is probably no better way to rile the natives than for Facebook to make a major change. Without notice, of course. Maybe it’s just that many of my friends and I are becoming grumpy old people, but more than likely, it is just the simple fact that moving the tabs, redesigning the layout and redefining key functions are akin to the furniture gnomes rearranging everything in your living room while the lights were out.

And when you stumble out in the morning, you trip over the ottoman like Dick Van Dyke did in TVLand of yore.

If by now you think that FB has changed yet another thing, you are correct: The Like button has now become the new Share.

Which means rvery time someone clicks Like, it will automatically copy it to their Wall as if they had clicked Share.

I can see it now. There will be a rash of content spread around from one wall to the next, stuff that most folks did not really like enough to want to re-post, but had enough affinity for it to at least want to express a modest amount of interest.

Before now, it was easy for us to be nearly invisible in our likes, because our names would be rolled up with any other Likers, and just appear as a number beside the thumbs-up icon. But the new way almost has the effect of outing someone for liking another’s post…it gets spread with “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” urgency.

But while individuals will have to learn to be more careful before they click, companies and organizations with Fan Pages are going to love this. Why? Let’s just say that “viral” doesn’t begin to capture speed with which things can now spread. Contagion. Outbreak. Epidemic.

So every time I chuckle at the latest posting from The Onion, I can (wittingly or not) spam all of my friends. There is no longer that gray area between “haha” Like and “OMG This Is So Funny!” Share. It’s all the same now. OMG.

Chalk one up for the Marketers on FB, because this certainly plays into their hands. As for the rest of us robo-clicking minions, we all need to learn a little caution. Because I really do not want to see the same link re-posted dozens of times. It’s not that much different from FW::FW::FW::FW emails cluttering your inbox.

Otherwise this native is going to get riled. And the last thing I want is to trip over the ottoman of everyone’s re-posts.

Dr “Go Ahead and Like That” Gerlich




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