I’d Like To Thank The Academy

25 02 2011

If The Super Bowl may be the holiest of days for marketers, but the Academy Awards is no slouch. With TV ads grabbing $1.75 million for 30 seconds of our ever-fleeting attention, this is no minor league event.

And like the Super Bowl, advertisers are busy crafting every possible tie-in to social media to complement their broadcast fare. The primary difference this time is that, while the Super Bowl attracts a decidedly male audience, the Academy Awards is likely to attract more females.

But if the marketers play their cards right, it could be a touchdown either way.

Brands like P&G, Unilever and JCPenney are in the line-up, as is Best Buy, which offered fans a chance to script an alternate ending to the popular Justin Bieber ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

I’m running with Ozzy on this one.

For the most part, the brands that have anted up the big bucks are promoting products that correlate nicely to the target audience. And, given that a recent study showed women to be the more dominant gender on the social graph, this all makes perfect sense.

So what am I planning to do this Sunday evening? Not watch the Academy Awards, that’s for sure. I’ve got more interesting things to do. besides, I can read all about it the next day, as well as watch The Today Show cast wax poetic over who wore what, and why someone didn’t win. People Magazine will no doubt further analyze the daylights out of it a week later.

The only Oscars I’m interested in are their burrito shacks in Amarillo and Canyon. There…I just went social with that, and it didn’s cost anyone a dime, much less $1.75 million.

That’s a touchdown on my scoreboard.

Dr “And Now For The Extra Point” Gerlich



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