8 12 2010

All good things must come to an end. It is the Last Day of Class. Tomorrow is Dead Day. And a week from this Friday night, I’ll be sitting on a stage watching hundreds of students graduate. Our story is about to conclude.

Or is it?

It all began back on the 30th day of August with Reboot, in which I waxed nostalgic (and even a little philosophic) about how I had come to grips with Change in academia. Ever since then, I have been a proponent of Change…not so much for Change itself, but the fine art of ushering in the New when it can do better than the Old.

My hope is that all of my students experienced some sense of Change in their lives since I opened with that blog. Not just any old Change. But Change for their own betterment.

Because any organism not changing is dying.

And so I cannot express enough how important it is for us all to reboot on a regular basis, to click that familiar Restart button. To clear our cache of the intellectual cobwebs slowing us down. To wipe the windshields of our iCarriage. To pump fresh air into the lungs of progress. The machine just works better after it has been rebooted.

The cast of characters acting on the stage is deep and wide, and it seems like everyone has a different favorite. Maybe it was Groupon. Maybe it was the Candwich. Adbusters. FourLoko. Bama’s. GetGlue. It’s your call, and I really do not care which one (or more) really ersonated with you.

I just hope that something did, and that it helped in some small way as you made your way a little farther down the road to your destination.

You see, our story really does not end. Each chapter that concludes is mere prelude to the next, and all we have been writing this season is but one among many chapters. Another scene in the story of our life.

It is my most sincere wish that all of my students will see the world through a slightly different lens because of our time spent together this semester. I pray that your mind is open in ways it has never been pushed ajar before. That you hear the Change around you with ears capable of detecting a new frequency.

While I know not where your story will go, I know where mine is headed. Another journey through the jungle of Evolutionary Marketing awaits in January. I will be writing every day, chronicling what I see. Hear. Feel.

And now may you be able to look a new idea squarely in the eye, and know intuitively whether it has merit or not. May you continue top Change, not because it is fashionable or because some professor told you so, but because you recognize it as the key to survival. And may you never be afraid to let go of Yesterday and Today as you reach for a new, better, different Tomorrow.

Dr “Thank You Fa Lettin’ Me Be Mice Elf” Gerlich




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