Reality Show

15 10 2010

The problem with better mousetraps is that sometimes they really aren’t any better. And the mice get away.

Such is the case with “better” products that purport to improve the user experience, yet the customers get away. Sony found this out the hard way in the 1990s with their Mini Disc (basically, a small CD), which required consumers to buy in to both a different hardware and software.

And that is exactly what is happening to the manufacturers of 3D-TVs. It’s easy to point an accusing finger at the recession, but the sobering reality is that 3D-TV simply does not offer consumers something they really want.

Or need.

This just in: 3D is a novelty! It’s something you do once in a while in a movie theater. And it requires you to wear silly, uncomfortable glasses.

So why in the world would anyone want to make this the centerpiece of their living room or home theater?

Good question, Sherlock. Turns out millions of customers have asked themselves this same question, and the majority came up with the same answer: No! This is stupid!

Inspired by the silver screen success of numerous 3D movies, manufacturers burned the midnight oil readying their 3D sets for market. But these companies overlooked the fact that eye candy in the theater does not necessarily play well at home. It was a leap that is proving to be fatal.

All I know is that when I watch a 3D movie, long before the end I am tired. My eyes hurt. My head hurts. And I am no longer laughing, gasping or oohing. I suspect those are the same sentiments of the majority of moviegoers.

Which is a shame for the companies who invested time, energy and dollars into something no one wants. But then again, they aren’t the first. Coca Cola knows this script all too well. And Sony, perhaps bolstered by strong sales of the Mini Disc in Japan, simply assumed that what plays in Tokyo would play equally well in Toledo.

But we all know how assumptions can make asses out of men. And we also know that it is every company’s responsibility to fully vet new product ideas before going to market. Even then, there are no guarantees, but at least you will have had a chance to get some reactions before sinking a fortune. Perhaps a little more concept testing would have resulted in findings that leaped right out at them…much like the images they are trying to sell.

As for 3D-TV manufacturers, though, this is turning into a reality show none of them really want to watch, much less star in.

Dr “Reach Out And Grab You” Gerlich




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17 11 2010
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