24 Hours With The iPad

4 04 2010

For a few hours there on Facebook, I became a very popular person (at least one local journalist said so…and that settles it). My pic of the straight-out-of-the-shipping-container iPad drew lots of oohs and “sooooo” jealous remarks. That was not my point, though (I have been an early adopter many times, so don’t need to high fives to feel better about myself).

It has been a very fun 24 hours. Just like the iPhone changed my life (and that of one particular biz partner I know), this baby is going to give me a completely new life. I didn’t exactly pass out with this baby in my lap, but I was in orbit.

But first some things to consider (some of which you may consider as limitations):

  • You must be running OS 10.5 or higher on the Mac. Not sure about PCs, because I try to stay away from them (you can always tell the PC users in traffic…they are the ones without the cool sticker in their window).
  • You must be running iTunes 9.1.
  • Concurrent with that is the need for Quicktime 7.5.5 or higher and Safari 4.0.3.
  • Like all the critical reviews said earlier, the iPad will not play Adobe Flash files (which means my LaLa account is off-limits).
  • Like the iPhone, you still cannot multitask.
  • There is no camera (as if I would want to aim something that large at an object).
  • This wifi-only model means I must be near a hotspot.
  • No card slot, etc., means I will have to email files to myself, use a device like the AirStash, or park things on the cloud.
  • The first thing my 12-year-old daughter said was, “Ooh, cool! Looks like a giant iPod!” And she was right. It does.

Yeah, I am sure you could find a few other things to nit about (like the standard Apple tax…these things ain’t exactly cheap), but before one of you dryly asks “How much you want for that Kindle?” please know that I plan to keep it.

OK, maybe for a little while.

In my first 24 hours, I have had some time to fully ponder how I am going to use this product. And, like I have prognosticated and preached in recent weeks, it’s all going to be about the apps and cloud computing.

And if you just can’t wrap your mind around those two ideas, you need to go for a long walk and reconsider life. Because this is where we are all headed.

The Apple productivity suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) are all available as $10 apps, and have complete compatibility with Microsoft extensions. Load your docs on the cloud, edit what you previously loaded, or create anew, and you have the perfect portable office. Add in a free PDF-viewing app, and you are good to go. Plug in a projector and you now have the coolest presentation at the conference…just for the technology alone.

I love the sheer size of it. Sure, you could say it is the Jitterbug of iPods, perfect for those in the 55-up crowd. But I just like being able to type with confidence. That micro-tapping I have done for two years on my iPhone just makes me nervous over what I might send someone. Never mind that I can keep my glasses on and not have to squint.

But perhaps the absolute best part if the video streaming. Oh My God. The ABC Player and Netflix apps are un-freaking-believable. I watched an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and an installment of Ugly Betty, and in landscape mode, it was a supremely delightful viewing experience. Kudos to them for getting their apps to market in time for the iPad launch, because it means the others will have to scramble to snag us over to their app.

I honestly do not see myself doing as much with music on the iPad as one might consider. After all, I will always have my phone with me, so redundancy is not an asset here. And while I have my email accounts already set up on the iPad, I don’t mind the duplication, because I will prefer typing in this venue.

I realize I have not yet begun to scratch the surface of this wondrous new device. Still, I can say without reservation this has been a remarkably enjoyable 24 hours. I really do think I need to go get that tattoo now.

Dr “But You May Have To Get My Drunk First” Gerlich




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