Stash In The Pan

7 03 2010

When wristwatch calculators came out 25 years ago to the delight of geeks and nerds everywhere, I for one found it a temptation easy to resist. “Why would anyone want to work on something so small?”

My inner geek surfaced, though, and like over 40 million other lemmings who have jumped off the cliff, I find myself wanting to cram ever more into that iPhone. After all, it is now my brain. Mr computer. My lifeline. And I need it to do more.

Which is why I shouted Hallelujah when I read about the AirStash, the multifangled USB/wifi/SD card reading media server.

Actually, the word “bridge” comes to mind, because this handy little device (which costs only One Benjamin) bridges all the very real gaps between my desktop computers, cameras and iPhone. Expandable to infinity (you keep supplying the 32GB cards), just about anything can be shared between devices. AirStash is its own wireless access point, a portable wifi hotspot that works regardless of whether there’s a coffee shop nearby. And if cloud computing scares the bejabbers out of you, well, just take this private cloud with you in your pocket.

I can already think of lots of applications for this in my life. All too many times I have found myself needing to send a Word doc or spreadsheet, and all I have is my phone. With AirStash I could easily make that transaction possible via email on the phone. And what about all the times I am using a real camera and want to post a snap to Facebook or Twitter, but can’t? Thus far I have found myself compromising shots by just using the onboard cam in my phone, and then posting online. But if I could load higher-quality shots and be able to make the magic happen while out on the road, I would be a lot happier. Those grainy iPhone shots will quickly be a thing of my past.

While I am somewhat ga-ga over Air Stash, I am quick to realize that it is not only a bridge between current devices, but also a bridge between old and forthcoming technologies. I predict that in a couple of years we won’t need an AirStash because our digital cameras will all have wifi capabilities (to send straight to your phone, and then online). Our desktops will all be able to wireless communicate with our phones. And our phones will have far greater memory than the 32GB the latest iPhone contains.

But for now, I am standing in line to get the AirStash. Infinitely cooler than that wristwatch calculator of lore, if AirStash only had a strap, I would wear it on my wrist. I bet Dick Tracy would have worn one. Because smaller really is better.

Dr “Proud To Be A Geek” Gerlich




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10 03 2010

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