iThink, Therefore iPad

28 01 2010

Yesterday, the 27th of January, will be remembered for two things: President Obama gave his State of the Union address, and Steve Jobs announced the introduction of the new iPad tablet computer. Guess which one we will remember more?

It’s a pretty telling commentary on our times when a savvy entrepreneur (demigod perhaps?) can upstage the POTUSA, but that is exactly what happened. Blather on and on and about jobs, health care, etc., and you will inspire senators to yawn uncontrollably (like Nevada’s Harry Reid was seen doing). But introduce the coolest thing since the iPod and…well, the world stops to listen.

The iPad is basically an iPhone on steroids. It is combination e-reader, netbook and iPod, all with the touchscreen usability we have all come to love (or loathe) as iPhone users. It will be available in 3 storage configurations, as well as with or without AT&T 3G wireless connectivity. With an entry level price of $499, it is decidedly a lot pricier than simple netbooks on the PC platform (starting at $300), but its coolness quotient is up in the stars.

And here’s a reality check for PC fans: When was the last time the world ground to a halt in anticipation of an announcement from Microsoft?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Of course, the voluntary Apple Tax prevails. There are no discounts on Apple products (unless you can exploit the meager education discount). But coolness and quality have a price. If you want the familiar Apple logo tattooed on the back of your neck, that’ll set you back a few more hundred.

My biggest concern, though, is that touchscreen keyboard. I admit to already having to be extremely careful while typing on my little Acer netbook. I also know that I make a zillion typos on my iPhone typing with my right thumb. I just wonder how well I will do on a larger touchscreen. Will I be hamfisted? Will I be able to use my otherwise clumsy typing skills, or will I be reduced to hunt-and-peck with my index fingers?

You know what? I don’t care. This device will allow me to do a lot of things (and the 10-hour battery life is a big plus!). Do I need it? Nope. Do I want it? I’m kind of foaming at the mouth right now, so I guess the answer is a resounding Yes! Will the iPad be the Next Big Thing?


Because Apple has a way of leading us into tomorrow, while others have made a commitment to today. Or yesterday. I’m not sure yet exactly which Apple store I’ll be traveling to, but you can bet your bottom iDollar I’ll be in line to snag one of these.

Now who wants to buy my Kindle?

Dr “Still Pondering That Tattoo” Gerlich



2 responses

28 01 2010
Mike Wagner


Have enjoyed reading your insights. I’m with you I gotta get one of these.

29 01 2010

Why i don’t want a iPad :
iPad is so ugly !
iPad doesn’t support flash !
iPad doesn’t have camera !
iPad have a 4/3 screen…

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